Johann Purchases 160 Acres From Robert Patton

Record from Platte County Recorder of deeds - for 800 pieces of money, likely German currency (Hamburg mark banco) would have to have been be converted to approximately US$278 (or $10,222 in 2015 dollars, see Historical currency converter).  October 23, 1843 Johann Floersch purchased 160 acres of land in Weston from Robert and Lucinda Patton for 800 "pieces of money" (presumably German currency), valued at 93 3/4 cents (does this possibly mean the 800 The German Confederation was established in 1815. However, the Confederation did not have a uniform currency. The Confederation was made up of…

Robert Patton Purchase 160 Acres (Johann Later Purchase) MAY 23 1843

Earlier Township map showing Robert Patton having purchased the 160 acre 1/4 Section of Section 21 on May 23, 1843, just 5 months before John Floersch purchased it on Oct 23, 1843, from Robert Patton. Shown adjacent to this property is land purchased by Hall L. Wilkerson on 23 May, 1843. Hall Wilkerson was the man for whose death John Floersch and sons Jacob and Phillip were indicted and incarcerated.(See the "Trial Documents" for details.)