According to the Paxton Annals of Platte County, Missouri, Hall Wilkerson is known to have voted in favor of the Jackson Resolutions, a strongly worded pro-slavery statement by the Missouri state legislature in 1849 -See Annals of Platte County, Missouri, by William McClung Paxton, p. 142 Early in the year 1849 there began a series of discussions in the Missouri Legislature concerning the slavery question, or rather the power of Congress over slavery in the territories. On the 15th of January Hon. C. F. Jackson, senator from Howard, afterward Governor of the State, introduced into the…

Bridge Over Bee Creek

A new State road having been opened on a straight course from Platte City to Weston, H.L. Wilkerson is appointed commissioner to construct a bridge over Bee Creek. June, 1849 H.L. Wilkerson agrees to build the bridge across Bee Creek on the direct road from Platte City to Weston for $2,200. August, 1849. -Annals of Platte County Missouri, William McClung Paxton, p. 118. May 9, 1850 Upper Bee Creek bridge reported finished. p. 126