This lodge was incorporated by the Legislature, with N.M. Schrock, W.M.; W.E. Black, S.W.; and John E. Pitt, J.W. The lodge had been incorporated or charted by the Grand Lodge as early as 1846, and this legislative charter was to enable the lodge to hold the real estate it acquired the following year, when the Presbyterian Churcn and the lodge built a meeting -house and hall.

The meetings of the Lodge were held each Saturday night before full moon, in the upper story of Johnston & Lewis’ store, on Lot 6, Block 29, in Platte City , until about 1853, when the new hall was built over the Presbyterian church on Lot 6, Block 31. The lodge became very prosperous, but was in debt. This was more *ouerons from a division made by the members from Todd’s Creek staking dimits, and foming a new lodge, chartered as Zerubbabel Lodge, No. 191. The colony consisted of the Darnalls, Brasfields, Swaneys, Moores, and De Berrys. But the war came on ; the brethren were scattered; and July 14, 1864, the hall of Platte Lodge, No. 56, with all its records, was burned, and little left but the debt. A few of us determined this should be paid, and we brought about a reunion. The charter of Platte Lodge, No. 56, was surrendered, and the colony took in the members of the mother lodge, under the name of Zerubabbel Lodge, No. 191. This name may still be read on the tablet on the front wall of Platte City Lodge, No. 504. After the reunion, we worked in the upper room of the brock warehouse, in the rear of the Virginia Hotel. We applied to other lodges for help to rebuild, and about $100 was contributed. After working for twenty years under the charter to Zerubbabel Lodge, it too, was surrendered and PLatte City Lodge, No. 504, was chartered.

Annals of Platte County, Feb. 1851, p. 136

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