Independent Order of Odd Fellows

Apparently there are similarities to the Free Masons.

Masonry is not Christian, and at high levels is openly luciferian. To some degree, individual masons’ reluctance to reveal this to the “uninitiated” is due to ignorance of what happens in the higher degrees, but for some it’s a matter of fulfilling their duty to keep the secrets of Freemasonry with them to the grave.

Because of this, it is not wise to trust much of what masons have to say about masonry. This is the nature of an occult secret society.

Sept.5: The Odd Fellows are ordered to vacate the upper and east office of the court house, that it may be used as a probate office. Amos Rees is also ordered to vacate the upper and west office. Paxton, p. 119


Paxton, p. 118

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