3 Floersh’s Escape From Liberty Jail

Liberty Tribune Newspaper, March 26, 1852 We omitted to state last week that the 3 Floersh's (sic), charged with the murder of Wilkinson, made their escape on the night of the 12th by undermining the foundation of the jail. They were arrested next day, and lodged in jail. They traveled all night and were arrested in a mile and a half of town.

Floersch Boys Escape from Liberty Jail

Liberty jail was only open for 23 years - it was eventually closed due to the conditions being declared "inhuman". The jail was not designed with the prisoners in mind - rather security for the jailer of primary concern, who stayed in the ground level deck, while the prisoners were secured below. The only access to the cell was through a trap-door in the floor by ladder to the lower level. Several men were contained in very close quarters at one time. Conditions would have been cold, damp, and bitter in the winter. Johann spent several…

The State vs Floersh

Liberty Tribune February 27, 1852 Indictment for the Murder of Hall Wilkerson, of Platte In this case on Wednesday morning last, the jury returned with a verdict of guilty of murder in the second degree, and assessed his punishment to twenty four years in the Penitentiary. Similar prosecutions are pending against his sons as partines in the same crime, which will be for trial at the next term of the court. Counsel for the state, Judge Brown, of Platte City, and M. Oliver, Esq., Circuit Attorney. For the accused, Amos Rees, L.D. Bird and John Doniphan,…

Clay Circuit Court in Session

Liberty Tribune, Feb. 20, 1852 The Clay Circuit Court is now in session, Judge Dunn presiding. The case of the State vs. Wright, sent from Platte county, closed on Wednesday. The jury sentenced W. to three years imprisonment in the penitentiary. The trial of the Floersh's for the murder of Hall Wilkerson, of Platte, is progressing.