The Shocking Truth: Wilkerson Shot and Wounded Old Man Floersh!

Petition for Pardon, Weston, MO July 20, 1853 To his excellency Gov Price We your petitioners would respectfully solicit your excellency to extend your pardoning power to Philip and Jacob Floersh who are now confined in the penitentiary for the murder of Hall L. Wilkerson in October 1851. At the time the act was committed the boys were young and under the entire control of their father and we who live in the vicinity of the parties from the testimony as detailed Know that there were many palliating circumstances of excuse so far as the boys…

The State vs Philip Floersh and Others

Liberty Tribune, November 12, 1852 The State vs. Philip Floersh and others - This case was finally disposed of in the Circuit Court on yesterday. Philip Floersh plead guilty of murder in the second degree, and the Circuit Attorney accepted the plea, and the Court assessed his punishment to imprisonment in the penitentiary of the State for the term of twenty-four years, being the same punishment inflicted by a verdict of a jury of this county, at the last term of the Court upon John Floersh. It appeared in evidence upon the first trial that John…

Circuit Court Commences for Trial of the Floersh’s for Killing of Hall Wilkerson

Liberty Tribune, November 11, 1852 Circuit Court commences in this city (a called term) on Monday next for the trail of the Floersh's for the killing of Hall L. Wilkerson. Other business, also, will be taken up in consequence of the adjournment of the regular term in August, produced by the illness of Judge Dunn.

Trial of Floersh’s for Murder Called

Liberty Tribune June 18, 1852 The trial of the Floersh's for the murder of Hall L. Wilkerson, of Platte was called on Tuesday last, at the instance of the Attorneys for defendants, was deferred to August. Toombs, the American, who was implicated in the same bloody transaction, was acquitted.