Filed Sept 10, 1851

Ira Norris, Clerk

The State vs. John Floersch

Dealing with Slaves

Selling liquor on July 1, 1851 to a slave – without consent of their owner! One has to wonder if in a tragic irony this is ahead of any Independence Day celebration on the 4th.


James Serrat

John Quermott

John Heed…


State of Missouri

County of Platte

In the Circuit Court

September Tenth 1851

Platte County to wit:

The Grand Jury??

For the state of Missouri for the Body of the County of Platte, aforesaid,

Upon this oath present that John Floersch late of said county on the first day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred fifty one at the County aforesaid

To a certain slave named Issa Reesss

Did unlawfully sell

To the slaves aforesaid

1 pint of whiskey

1 pint of brandy

1 pint of xxxx

1 pint of rum

Without having the written permission of their owners of said negro slaves for contrary to the laws of the state

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