Germany0782-06-04Hochborn (Blödes Heim)
Germany1759-01-01St. George Catholic Church, Frettenheim Germany
Germany1789-06-04<strong>The French Revolution and Germany</strong>
Germany1806-06-04The Grand Duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt: A History
Germany1843-04-22Bill of Sale – Real Estate – Germany
Germany1843-04-22Assignment of Power of Attorney by Johann – Germany
Germany1843-05-01Land Register – Germany
Settlers1843-05-23Robert Patton Purchase 160 Acres (Johann Later Purchase) MAY 23 1843
Settlers1843-07-10Family arrived in New Orleans on board the Queen Victoria
Settlers1843-07-29Johann Filed Declaration of Intent to become an American citizen JUL 29 1843
Settlers1843-10-23Johann Purchases 160 Acres From Robert Patton
Settlers1848-06-03Jacob Granted US Citizenship JUN 3 1848
Settlers1849-06-01Bridge Over Bee Creek
Settlers1849-08-01Phoenix Lodge No. 30 I.O.O.F. Buys Property in Weston
Settlers1849-12-31California Gold Rush of 1849
Settlers1850-01-01US Census Record
Settlers1850-02-01An Abolitionist in Weston
Settlers1850-06-01The Angelus:  Reflections on the Missouri River
Settlers1851-02-28Platte Lodge, No. 56, A.F. & A.M.
Settlers1851-03-03Jacob Marries Anna Smitz MAR 3 1851
Settlers1851-05-06Jacob purchased Lot 92 / Block 8 from Gotfred & F. Hattenback – $450 ($15,000) MAY 6 1851
Killing1851-10-20“Murder Most Foul and Unnatural”
Trial1851-10-22John and Sons Committed to Platte County Jail
Trial1851-10-22Brought before Justice of the peace to determine probable cause
Trial1851-11-14Platte County Sheriff Delivers Prisoners to Clay County
Trial1851-11-18Notified that a special term of court would be held
Trial1851-11-18Grand Jury Summoned Before Judge William B. Almond of the 12th Circuit at Platte City to Determine if Johann and Sons Should be Tried
Trial1851-11-28Johann signed promissory note for $1000 to Bird, Doniphan, & Rees for Legal defense services ($33,000) NOV 28 1851
Trial1851-12-02Grand Jury Returns Indictment:  Murder in the First Degree!
Trial1851-12-03“Not guilty” plea entered
Trial1851-12-03Testimony of Witnesses
Trial1851-12-10Jacob Floersch sells Lot 92 / Block 8 to Peter Floersch – $150 ($5000) DEC 10 1851
Prison1851-12-13Request for Bail and Change of Venue
Prison1851-12-19Venue change to 5th Circuit Clay County
Prison1852-02-19Jurors Assigned for John Floersch Trial
Prison1852-02-19Jury named. John Floersch requests his trial be severed from others
Prison1852-02-20John Remanded to Jail and Jury Sequestered
Prison1852-02-23Johann mortgaged farm to Alexander Doniphan & James Baldwin – $600 ($20K) FEB 23 1852
Prison1852-02-24Jury finds Johann Florsch guilty of 2nd degree murder
Prison1852-02-25John Floersch files motion for new trial – overruled by court
Prison1852-03-08Johann Florsch arrives at state prison in Jefferson City
Prison1852-03-12Floersch Boys Escape from Liberty Jail
Prison1852-03-13Floersch boys returned to Liberty Jail
Prison1852-03-18John Floersch arrives at state penitentiary in Jefferson City Missouri
Prison1852-06-07Witnesses Requested to Appear
Prison1852-06-14Jurors Named for Jacob, Philip, Mathias Floersch and William Tooms
Prison1852-06-14Jury named under Judge Dunn
Prison1852-06-15Tooms found innocent. Witnesses for State file appearance bonds
Prison1852-06-15Floersch boys state they cannot go safely to trial without their witnesses and asks court for reasons they are not appearing even though they were subpoenaed
Prison1852-08-19Floersch boys returned to Platte County JailPrisoners returned to Platte jail for safe keeping
Prison1852-11-11Jacob & Philip Floersch plead guilty to lesser charges. Mathias released. Matthias Floersch set free.
Prison1852-11-18Philip and Jacob arrive at state penitentiary in Jefferson City, MO.
Prison1853-01-13John Floersch dies in prison
Aftermath1853-06-07Peter Floersch purchased Lot 183/Block 16 from Elijah & Margaret Cody – $400 ($13K) JUN 7 1853
Aftermath1853-07-28Jacob & Philip Floersch granted pardon & release
Aftermath1854-08-24Michael Floersch arrives in Rock Creek Valley, KS
Aftermath1855-06-15Elizabeth Floersch Sells Platte County Farm to John Pitt – $600 ($20K) JUN 15 1855
Aftermath1859-09-29Peter Mortgages Lot 92 Block 8 Weston to Joseph Kurtz SEP 29 1859
Civil War1861-04-01Civil War Begins
Civil War1861-11-11Battle of Bee Creek fought on land formerly owned by Johann Florsch
Civil War1865-05-26Civil War ends
Aftermath1866-11-30Peter Floersch sells Lots 92 and 183 in Weston to Mr. Rumpel
Aftermath1930-12-07Mystery Haunts Feudal House Where Slaves Were Auctioned – St. Joseph Gazette, St. Joseph Missouri, Sunday, December 7, 1930
Aftermath1936-05-13Half-Way House:  A Platte County Landmark and More
Aftermath1970-01-01Hochborn Site – Google Translated